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Division of India happened and “Native people with foreign God” majorly due to persecution of Brahmins.

Balangir : 14 October 2020 : Division of India happened only due to major religious communes in pre independent India and dirty politics by British India dirty politicians for their political mileage and organized political benefits.

Islam faith was the second largest faith in British India. How it became second largest faith? Here we must know before the independence Muslim emperors ruled India more than 800 years without disturbing the integrity of Hindus and Muslims; even when Britishers ruled after 1600 AD for 300 years there was no sign of division of the country but when country handed over to their own people in beginning, the country got divided according to the religion adopted by its natives.

If we calculate Muslims of British India i.e. present Islamic population of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh it is something like 18crores+19crores+15crores = about 52 crores Muslims belongs to root Indian origin excluding maximum 3% as outsiders.

That 3% outsiders as invaders Islamic race even got permanent resident in India and became the root natives to Indian origin for hybridizing with Indian race.

Islamic emperors invaded India after 610 AD mostly in 7th century to 1300 AD, its because Islam founder prophet Muhammad born in 570 AD and in his forties i.e. in 610 AD he revealed the Islam and after that his followers spread the Islam around the world.

Islam adopted emperors Invaded India not with any major Arabic world natives it was only by the emperors those had adopted Islamic faith for their political growth majorly belongs to Afghanistan and Turk Mangolian race with few soldiers.

Initially Islam forcefully implemented to the 7th century root natives of ancient India. In 7th century Brahmanism was the major religion that had been suppressed to the ancient Indians other major religion Buddhism.

If you peel Hinduism its nothing but Brahmanism or Vedism. There was no word existed as Hindu till Islamic invaders Invaded India and used the word Hindu for non Muslims to Indian root natives.

Indian ancient society had been divided by vedic fourfold caste system so major caste had been the Shudras and Atishudras now called as Dalits or harijans, those were majorly deprived from right to good life, liberty, education, dignity, property, fair justice etc. etc. for decades due to persecution of Brahmins.

The lower caste vedic divided society those were holding more than 90% of the population had been severely exploited by Brahmins rules in that time.

When Islamic Invaders invade India some Islamic emperors were cruel so they were forcefully converting natives to Islam, it means converted root natives were initially form Buddhist, Jain, followers of Paganism, non-believers, tribal, Ajivika, Charvaka, Vedic Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and even Shudra and Ati Shudra etc. but some Islamic emperors were liberal its the reason why they had implemented religious tax Jizya to practice their own religion.

Brahmins had been suppressed different kind of other religions by hook and crooks before Islamic invader invaded India. India is a vast demography so conversion to Islam by force might be very limited but due to persecution of Brahmins to lower caste through Vedic division by Brahmins they got an opportunity to escape from their exploitation so major ancient lower caste root Indian natives converted themselves to Islam to get at least right to equality, dignity, fair justice, right to property and education etc. better than vedism.

Some might be incapable of paying Jizya so they might be converted to Islam. This is the reason why vedic divided lower caste root Indian natives forcefully trapped to Islam without any other social living options due to vedic exploitation, resulting huge Muslim population in post Islamic period in India.

Islam became second largest religion for which India got a stage of division and lastly due to crook, fool and stupid dirty politicians we lost our root identity where Hindu word originated i.e. Sindhu region as Pakistan.

Hindu is major faith in India but our original “Pahachaan ” or “recognition or identity” remains in Pakistan; Its because the word Hindu is derived from river Sindhu which is majorly runs in Pakistan.

Major Muslims of British India i.e. Muslims from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh are nothing but “Desi log Bidesi Bhagwan ” or “Native people with foreign God” and “Desi log Aur Bideshi Naam” i.e. Native peoples with foreign names or foreign nomenclatures majorly due to only persecution of Brahmins.

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