Today is January 24, 2021

About Us


Social Reform is a news analysis, opinion, and knowledge venture, launched in October 2020 is owned and led by Founder cum Editor-in-Chief Shantanu Kumar Naik ( M.Com, LLB, PG DLL & PM, PG DB & IM, PG DCS ) has inherited a rich tradition of journalism and is carrying on the same pursuit of excellence for today’s times. He is also a recipient of several National and International awards for reform movement on so many issues and always advocate reform, enjoy controversy as a social reformer.

It is sharply focused in political, social, or religious changes to correct any injustices in a society. It is a kind of social movement that aims to make gradual change, or change in certain aspects of society, rather than rapid or fundamental changes with the aim of improving the quality of life.

Its leadership team includes India’s most experienced and respected journalists with proven track records in the finest news organizations. We are headquartered in Balangir, Odisha and are in the process of building a network across India because we believe in investing in high quality investigative and questioning journalism.

At a time when information and knowledge are a flood on digital platforms, Social Reform stands apart, offering views rather than news, generating diverse opinions, encouraging analysis, making sense of the noise and fostering independent thoughts and implementable solutions for the great Indian conundrum.

Apart from this there have been policy stories that have been shared with readers before anybody could. Our edit and opinion pages offer mature and reasoned insights and in the true spirit of being the fourth pillar of democracy, accommodates all shades of viewpoints and counterpoints. Our features too have been rated highly simply because they offer a deep understanding of our culture and society and is not just frivolous.

The thrust of the Social Reform is as much local as national and international and keeps its eyes and ears open to all that is happening in the country today, be it in the power corridors of Delhi or in a border village in Kashmir. International news is another of its strong points.

Code of ethics

Social Reform is committed to journalism that involves a responsible, honest, objective and fair pursuit of facts, without any partisan and political affiliation or allegiance to special interest group. Our guiding philosophy is, liberal on society, liberal on economy.

We pledge to generate content that reflects and fosters the openness of public discourse outside the newsroom and also sets a benchmark for quality and integrity. We are accountable to the trust readers invest in us, by capturing the news, debates and opinion in a manner that is transparent and avoids conflicts of interest.

What is our mission?

News media is now polarized between Left and Right, pre-set motions of right or wrong, moral or immoral, for-us or against-us. Journalist-owned the Social Reform aims to challenge both, as well as the idea of anodyne neutrality. It will take sharp, well-argued positions.

Social Reform is a search for a new 360 decrees liberal space: liberal on society, liberal on economy. Never lazily polarised, but making up its mind as facts dictate and speaking out emphatically. Let’s put it this way: if the left call you right, the right call you left and both engage with you, it’s a good place to be in journalism.

News is news plus views: We always keeps this in mind and cater to not just the why, how, what, when, and where of news but we also analyse why something in the news is more than just an incident. We show you what is happening and the reasons behind it. Even aware of the need to provide the best available information, it is our constant endeavor to enhance editorial content and presentation, and to provide the best analyses to our discerning readers.

How is the Social Reform different?

The Social Reform dreams of scale. We are platform agnostic. Digital technology has lowered entry barriers in news media entrepreneurship. It enable us to reach larger and relevant audiences in quick time. We will combine the smart use of technology with ground breaking ideas in editorial thinking.

Social Reform has a loyal reader base that appreciates for its daily news on current affairs, politics and business, as also on society, art, culture, among other things. Its dedicated team of journalists evolves with the readers’ needs, understanding their desire for information, providing them with the tools that can keep them ahead in their professional and personal lives.

We have a very methodical and deadline-oriented approach. We have a wide resource base of established writers, ace photographers and our own team of correspondents across the country. For we believe in convincing ourselves, of experiencing things first hand before we talk to the reader. To us that is not only a priority but also a belief. You can get a quality product given the knowledge, imagination and technical capabilities of our team but what we vouch for is originality and the power of popular communication.

As we unveil the full range of our products, we look forward to your comments, suggestions and criticism. We also provide a platform for readers to send their letters to the Editor, and to voice their grievances, so please never hesitate to speak your mind.